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The Cliff Cruise is an annual, first of it’s kind, Freestyle Cliff Diving Competition, camping/ music festival and massive clean up event hosting over 200+ of the best cliff divers, adventure enthusiasts and content creators in the world. Each year in a different state, the Cliff Cruise takes a 10 day camping road trip to the best cliffs and waterfalls each state has to offer while leaving each place better than we found it! 


travis sims

The Cliff Cruise, Extreme Vertigo Events

Travis Sims is a professional cliff diver, content creator, environmentalist and event producer. Travis has been cliff diving professionally for over 10 years - from performing in high diving shows, to jumping epic cliffs in incredible places: He strives to use the sport of cliff diving, camping, and music to promote epic environmental action. Travis is also the Founder of Extreme Vertigo, an organization dedicated to promoting environmental action, awareness, education through hosting clean up events worldwide.  For the over 7 years he has been building Extreme Vertigo Events, by organizing sponsored clean up events based around extreme sports and outdoor adventures. It is his greatest passion to promote environmental awareness and action within and beyond the cliff diving community, along with educating the public on the importance of cliff diving safety. 





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I went to my first cliff cruse last year in Arizona and it changed my life. On the 10 day road trip experience I made so many long lasting friends. In the months after, I ended up traveling across the country to visit all those homies to check out their local spots. The energy of everyone on the cliffs inspires you to push yourself to your full potential with the help of knowledgeable peers. If you are looking to take your cliff jumping to the next level this is the safest most electric way to do it! Wether it’s your 1 day cliff jumping or you are about to attempt a triple backflip, the crowd will be equally as stoked for you! It’s better than any music festival or camping fest. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The energy that is brought to the cliff cruse can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Even if you can only make it 1 day it will be worth the travel! Hope to see you guys on the cliffs. -Theo Goff 


Steven Donovan

GoPro Creator, Influencer

“The cliff cruise has become an annual family reunion of incredible like minded people from all walks of life. Convening in one area of the country over our shared love for our swimming holes and keeping them clean. It’s been life changing watching this small group of friends expand each year into this huge gathering of new and old friends. We’re creating a movement and I’m stoked to be a part of it.”



The Cliff Cruise is that it’s not just for the gnarliest senders, this event is for everyone and that’s what I love about it. The community that’s growing out if this event is what makes it so damn fun every year. It’s also a kickass time watching the forefront of sport unfold at each event! The initiative to clean each spot is dope and something I respect Travis a lot for.

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